A vida é curta demais para se beber maus vinhos.
C.J. Kelk
Escritor holandês, 1901 – 1981

Life is too short for drinking bad wine.
C.J. Kelk
Dutch writer, 1901 – 1981


Quinta de Religăes is owned by Jenny and Sjerp Martin. When they bought the Quinta some years ago, they drastically renovated the vineyard in order to achieve their dream to produce honest, high quality wines. They replaced the old planting by new grapes consisting of the Loureiro and the Chardonnay grape. The Chardonnay grape is unique in Portugal.

After having continuously invested their personal attention in the wine production process , the Quinta now produces high quality wines (Loureiro, Chardonnay) for both the national and international market.


Quinta de Religăes is situated in the Vinho Verde region in the North of Portugal. The Vinho Verde region is one of the best known wine growing regions of Portugal.

Our Quinta lies just outside of the village of Castelo de Paiva  (ca. 50 km East of Porto) along the Paiva river, which is a tributary of the famous Douro river. The Paiva river cuts through the hills that surround the Quinta, creating a micro climate that is very favourable to viniculture. The micro climate is a mixture of intense heat during the summer and abundant rainfall during the autumn and parts of spring. This combination of intense heat and abundant rainfall allows the grapes to develop a high sugar content.

At this moment, Quinta de Religăes is one of the most successful quinta’s in the Vinho Verde region, attracting interest from both the national and international market.

Production Process

At Quinta de Religăes we produce high quality wines for both the national and international market. The Quinta is a small scale, family run vineyard where we practice the trade of winemaking with personal dedication and passion. Every step of the production process is done manually from working the land to picking the grapes. This results in high quality and honest wines with a unique taste.

After hand-picking the grapes, they are put in stainless steel cubas (kettles) that have a controlled temperature of around 16 °C. During the entire fermentation process, no additives are used. Only after careful tasting, the wine is ready to be put into bottles.

Every year we produce a high quality Chardonnay and Loureiro. Our wines have won important awards at various renowned international wine competitions.

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